The world can be a confusing place can’t it? A lot of big questions; whats the meaning of all of this? What is our purpose? What can we do about all the injustice we see. 
We are bombarded with messages encouraging us  to empathise, to aspire, to feel, to engage. These messages pray on your vanity, your hopes and dreams, your insecurities, they care not for your condition and take no responsibility for their effects. 
There’s peace of mind to be found in focus, in really concentrating on the small things. A word could bring a wry smile, a shape a friendly nod of recognition, noticing something otherwise unnoticed could make a day, as long ass we’re paying attention. You’ve looked at a million objects, but how many have you seen? How about for a short while not considering the contents of our universe, but the contents of a cubic centimetre. How about focusing on the condition of an object as opposed to a focus on the condition of our humanity.
Peace can be found in the details, in paying attention to the minute, the considered yet unnoticed, the supplementary details surrounding us, the auxiliary. We can all benefit from thinking inside the box.
Or perhaps you’re not looking for peace. Perhaps you’re just looking for shoes.
¯\_( ▯ )_/¯